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Duct Tape For Peace is dedicated to encouraging individual and informed action to bring about responsible policies that nurture a peaceful, just and equitable America. To participate in the Duct Tape For Peace Campaign, display your views with a duct tape ribbon, sticker, bumper sticker, banner, or mail a strip or roll of duct tape to The President, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington DC 20500. If duct tape for peace seems like an absurd and incongruent idea, you're missing the point. Read on. [ Click here for other things you can do. ]

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  • June 18,2004 _____

  • The 9/11 Commission report is out. It's comforting to know that during moments of national crisis Cheney had things under control while W was sucking his thumb under a desk somewhere. [ Post or see the movie @ Memory Hole ] Let there be no illusions about who's running things. In the mean time, Americans keep getting hacked over at our friend's Saudi Arabia. Who's supported Al Qaeda more? Iraq or the Saudis? You got a few contacts between Iraqi intel and Al Qaeda operatives (Didn't CIA? Does that make us a terrorist state? Haven't we had clandestine contact with all of our enemies for as long as we've had enemies?) and, on the other hand, you have multi-million dollar funding and international support structure from the Saudis. When duck hunting, it's often easiest to hit a single duck flying out of the brush than when when a whole flock flies up. This is how the media must feel in responding to this administration's half-lies, outright lies, blatant lies, scandals and actions that otherwise amount to treason, because they don't seem to know which lead to follow. For God's sake, follow something! Oh wait I forgot. God's on the adminstration's side because they have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and they wear the American flag on their lapels while fighting Muslims, dissenters, aborters, democrats, homosexers, and all other sinners who don't see the world as they do.



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    May 6,2004 _____

  • In an uncharacteristic about-face, Bush says he's sorry [ Fox News ]. On the other hand, listen to this moron's apology. Asked by Diane Sawyer if he was sorry (not that he should be sorry or not, but it's the answer that's important), Rumsfeld replies "Anyone, any American who sees the photographs that we’ve seen has to feel apologetic to the Iraqi people who were abused and recognize that that is something that is unacceptable and certainly un-American." I see. So it's my fault and I should be sorry. Well I am. I'm sorry these idiots occupy the White House and the Pentagon. [ DoD Transcript ].
  • Now, what are the chances that these apologies will be trumpeted by the Arab press? Gee, that's a shocker. Opportunistic morons, it appears, are not limited to the White House. [ Al Jazeera ].

    May 5,2004 _____

  • Enough is enough. DTFP is back.
  • So a year later, Iraqis, now free from one tyrant, but at the muzzle of another, keep killing Americans because of--according to this administration--progress--because they're free and we're building schools and hospitals and roads and such nonsense, that they're so happy with their new-found freedom that they keep blowing up their own kids and any foreigner who drives an SUV down a Baghdad street. How stupid is this administration? Try this on for size. According to George Will, the staunch conservative columnist who's backed Bush and his neocon cronies until now, it's Time for Bush to See The Realities of Iraq @ Washington Post.
  • The man who broke the story of the My Lai Massacre, the legendary Pulitzer prize winning journalist who the yellow-bellied-fat-pocketed-chicken-hawk-racist-neocon Richard Perle called a terrorist (why? find out @ counterpunch and CNN), does it again. Read Sy Hersh's story that started the end game [ Torture at Abu Ghraib ].

    September 5, 2003 _____

  • It goes something like this, and I quote. "Let me make sure I've got this right. After being insulted, belittled and called irrelevant by the swaggering machos in the Bush administration, the United Nations is now supposed to step forward to supply cannon fodder for America's disastrous Iraq occupation -- while the U.S. continues to run the show? ... In other words, the rest of the world is to send its troops to get killed so that a U.S. president it fears and despises can take the credit for an invasion it bitterly opposed... The rest of the world may be crazy, but it ain't stupid." Read the rest in [ Salon ].

    August 31, 2003 _____

  • No more duct tape. Please. [ Washington Times ]
  • Time for another regime change in Iraq. [ AlterNet ]
  • Cheney's Halliburton awarded record-setting no-bid contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan. More we destroy, more Halliburton profits. [ Post ]
  • For whom the bell tolls. [ MSNBC ]
  • Browse comments sent to us in our new Feedback section.

    August 21, 2003 _____

  • Is the tide of public opinion turning in the Middle East? Yeah, right. Following the two recent bombings, one in Baghdad and the other in Jerusalem, the Lebanese Daily Star asks two crucial questions. "How could the societies of the Middle East have deteriorated politically and morally to such a degree that this sort of attack has become routine? And where are the institutions, the forces, and the men and women of the Middle East ­ in religion, politics, education, and thought ­ who should stand in the face of such national deformity and stop the bleeding from generation to generation? ... The atrocity and terror that have plagued Baghdad recently ­ against Iraqi, other Arab, Western, and now UN targets ­ emanate from a deeper wellspring of criminality that cannot be ended by military means alone, or by foreign intervention. The United Nations is one of the crucial parties that can help to address this sickening trend; the people of the Middle East are more crucial, and they must act now." The Saudi Gulf News says that if the terrorists think they will ingraciate themselves to the Iraqi public by blowing up water mains, electric plants, oil pipes, and civilians, then they got it all wrong. [ Gulf News and Daily Star ]
  • The bottom line is that Americans can't and won't fix everything. Unfortunately, we don't have the cure for a culture where knowingly and willingly blowing up a bus full of civilians and kids is not only OK, but a way of life. The fate of the Middle East may be helped by the UN, even America, but, in the end, can only be changed by the people of the Middle East. All the American appointed councils in the world will not change that.

    August 18, 2003 _____

  • Speaking of WMD's, the US is reactivating its nuclear weapons program to make the next generation of nukes we can use in conventional warfare. I guess this is so we can liberate countries even faster. [ Asia Times, Mother Jones and Reuters ]
  • Follow Lord Hutton's investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Dr. Kelly. [ The Hutton Inquiry ]

    August 1, 2003 _____

  • Want to know what you can do with that so-called tax rebate? Do you have what it takes? Erica does. [ Blog for America ]

    July 31, 2003 _____

  • Every now and then I am humbled by the true spirit of this great nation by seemingly small acts of selflessness that embody the principals upon which it was found. Here's someone who truly gets it. Erica, you rock! This could be the start of something big, mark my words. [ Blog for America ]
  • Iraqi scientists continue to refute Bush's WMD allegations despite "aggressive tactics" and "vigorous efforts" by the CIA to question them. Well, at least we're putting those torture chambers to good use. Or maybe, just maybe, we have our own. [ Post ]
  • Are you serious? What is this nut still doing on the Pentagon payroll? Oh, nevermind. Admiral Poindexter, a la Iran-Contra, who was convicted of lying to the congress but later pardoned, wants to bet on coups and terrorism in a futures market in terror. Whitehouse is mum, congress is not amused. [ AJC and CNN ]

    July 25, 2003 _____

  • Scientists confirmed today what many of us have known for some time--the existence of "dark energy splitting the universe". [ NY Times ]
  • Get a good look at Monrovia before the Taylor and rebel forces torch the whole place. The American Embassy is the large compound of white buildings on the left, near the shore. [ Digital Globe ] I don't understand why we're not intervening in Liberia--bloodthirsty tyrant, check; no WMD's, check. [ National Geographic ]
  • This is an interesting idea. Newsweek's Chris Dickey, a guy whose seen it all, says that once Iraqis are certain of the end of Saddam's regime, far from being liberated, they will be left with only one enemy--the American occupiers. [ MSNBC ]
  • Here's my prediction of the week. Iraq is rebuilt with American cronies running the show. The oil infrastructure is modernized, thanks to Cheney's Haliburton, and oil production is significantly increased. The Iraqi cronies opt out of OPEC creating a global price war. This is the ultimate goal of "liberating" Iraq--an oil producing nation that caters to our whims, located in the Middle East, that's not in the uncooperative OPEC. Panic and resentment follow in the Arabian Peninsula. Our "friends" the Saudis are not pleased since they worship the mightly dollar as much as we do. They retaliate the only way they know how. Our intelligence picks up on the clues but our politicians do not. Lives are lost but hey, look at the prices at the gas pump! It really is that simple.

    July 24, 2003 _____

  • Congress just released their findings of the Sept. 11 attacks. While not earth-shattering in its finding that the FBI, CIA and NSA all dropped the ball, there are two conspicuous points to be gleaned from the full 838 page document. One is the glaring omission of approx. 20 pages of findings that point to Saudi Arabia as having ideologically and financially backed the operation. These pages, while still in the classified version of the document, were not released to the public to preserve our "special relationship" with the Saudis and prevent embarrassment. [ Post ] Nice. Second, and even more telling, is the lack of *any* relationship between the Iraqi regime and the Al Qaeda hi-jackers. Not a phone call, not an email, not a post-card, not a red cent. Zero. Zip. Nada. Nice. With friends like the Saudis, who needs enemies like Iraq? Blood may be thicker than water, but oil, it appears, is thicker than both. See for yourself: [ Full Document, Summary ]
  • A quick sanity check: How many Sept. 11 hi-jackers were from Iraq, Iran or Syria? Duh. Zero. All nineteen hi-jackers were from Saudi Arabia, our ally (see above), Yemen and Lebanon. Where is Osama now? Well, apparently, your guess is as good as the CIA's.
  • In an effort to get the Iraqis to like us, the DoD has released pictures of two dead men, allegedly Saddam's sons. This is pathetic. Is this to reassure the Iraqis or to threaten them? [ Post ] As if taunting the terrorists with "Bring'em on" wasn't enough, we've now sunk to new lows. The idiots on the other side were also quick to respond, vowing revenge. This all seems vaguely familiar. [ Reuters, News24 ]
  • In other news, it appears that, prior to their occupation, the Iraqis had developed the most lethal WMD of all--the cloak of invisibility--under which to hide all their other WMDs.

    July 22, 2003 _____

  • Where are the WMDs? Perhaps we should be looking for WMD's on ebay or the Internet.
  • And all that talk about Bush's "moral duty" to insure freedom throughout the world and justifying the war in Iraq because Iraq is FREE, and we've liberated a country from an oppressive dictator. Please. If our goal was to free countries from oppressive regimes, then I guess that doesn't apply if the country is in Africa or if they don't have large oil reserves. [ CNN and MSNBC ] If we attacked Iraq because we had "darn good" intelligence that they might have had WMDs, then I guess that also doesn't apply to N. Korea, whom Bush has labeled to be in the "Axis of Evil" and whose possession of nukes is a known and undisputed fact, not wishful thinking. [ Post ] So, let's see... We will not help Liberia, an African nation, or deal with N. Korea's nukes, but we will send Iraq back to the stone-age and follow that up with threats to Iran and Syria, who are, uhh, populated with men who wear moustaches and pray to Allah? Duh. Shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks, Bush referred to his fight as a Crusade of good vs. evil, us vs. "them", after which his aides scrambled to say he didn't really mean to say a Christian Crusade against Muslims. Oh really? [ Post ] You say toh-MAH-toh, I say toh-MAY-toh, we say Crusade, they say Jihad, let's call the whole thing off.
  • Tilting with the windmills. Nice op-ed. [ Newsday's James Pinkerton on Times Star ]
  • Here are some ongoing polls of our armed forces. Interesting. [ Army/Navy Times ]
  • This op-ed's already a week old but gets stronger by day. Here's the pitch: We're laying off American workers, teachers, and police officers here while we spend our tax dollars at a tune of $4 billion a month, to hire workers, teachers and police in Iraq. I have an idea. Maybe we can get the newly appointed Iraqi council to pass a decent healthcare bill and then Americans who've been laid off or who have no healthcare benefits here at home, can go to Iraq to find a job and receive decent health care. Maybe they'll have better schools too. [ Boston Globe ]
  • Think you're safer now? Think again. And then thank your government. [ Washington Post ]
  • A decade ago, Saddam Hussein tried to have George H. W. Bush assasinated but failed. Today, Bush the son has Hussein's sons killed. [ Post ] No comment.
  • Ben Franklin said "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." In a throwback to the Red Scare of the twenties and fifties, it appears we're willing to give up a lot. [ Salt Lake Tribune ]
  • The Friggin' French, as if they don't have enough problems, are trying to "purify" their language of English words. [ CNN ] It just goes to show that we Americans don't have a monopoly on absurdly idiotic policies. Hey France, I have a word for you. Get a indice!
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    July 18, 2003 _____

  • The plot thickens. British weapons inspector Dr. Kelly, widely believed to be the source of BBC's "Sexed up WMD report" article, is found dead near his home this morning. [ BBC and Guardian ] Wow. Like a good friend of mine always says, "Just because I'm paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get me." In other news, FBI joins the party to investigate the forged Niger uranium docs. I guess they're still stoked about their Rudolf capture--five years, one man in the woods and all the resources of FBI. Oh wait, FBI didn't catch him, Barney Fife did! LOL. How far will they get investigating the CIA, DIA and MI5? [ CNN ] Well, judging by Tenet's amazing grasp of the world around him, they may have met their match in the CIA. Turns out that Tenet neither read nor heard Pres. Bush's State of the Uranium Address. [ Post ] That's right. Tenet neither read or heard the President's address nor was he aware of the uranium assertion. Once again, wow. So, if not Tenet, just WHO did Cheney repeatedly visit in Langley all those times to put pressure on the agency to spice up its WMD estimates? [ Cape Times ] Turns out that Powell was so frustrated at having to deliver the infamous Cheney sponsored presentation to the UN that when he first read it, he threw the report up in the air and exclaimed "This is bullshit! I'm not reading this!" In perhaps what will be remembered as the low-point of his otherwise stellar career, Powell, being the good soldier that he is, did indeed deliver the report to an incredulous UN assembly. [ Guardian and TruthOut ] Well, no one willl ever accuse this administration of being inconvenienced by facts, or a lack of imagination to make up their own. [ Post ] So, what about the WMD? Now that whistle-blowers are conveniently ending up dead and real UN weapons experts are not allowed anywhere near Iraq, is there any doubt that the CIA has already planted some WMDs under some rocks in the Iraqi desert? Lacking concrete intelligence, how could Pres. Bush be so certain that WMDs will turn up, unless he IS certain that they will turn up? Duh.

    July 15, 2003 _____

  • The drip drip drip of a brewing scandal continues to drum in Washington. The press corps finally smells blood in the water and the inevitable frenzy is not far behind. [ CNN/NYT, Miami Herald, MSNBC, and Washington Post ] Read the latest letter to President Bush from "Veteran Intelligence Officers for Sanity": [ TruthOut ] Meanwhile, two veteran officers of the VIPS resign because... [ Counter Punch ] You know things are bad when the spooks are spooked. Afterall, "The Road to Coverup is the Road to Ruin." [ Sen. Robert Byrd ].

    July 14, 2003 _____

    FREE!!!  FREE!!!  Iraq is FREE!!!
  • Iraq is free!!! If, by freedom of course, you mean the absence of law and order, and free of basic necessities such as food and water, free of electricity, utilities and medical care. Free of their homes, their jobs, their valuables and life savings, free from a shred of dignity, and free from personal safety. Free of their national identity, history and cultural treasures. Museums are free of their artifacts, and banks of their currency and keep. Finally, Iraq is soon to be free of its oil reserves, which apparently belong to Dick Cheney, and, ironically, in the end, not that anyone cares now, apparently free of WMD. But by God, or by Bush, they will have democracy--or, an American appointed council which, on its first day of work, declares a national holiday--Iraqi Liberation Day--the day on which all of their money, treasure, food, water and utilities were freed. What would America look like today, if instead of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, et al., the King of England himself had appointed the members of the first American congress? Out of the pot, into the fire. Free indeed. The mind boggles.
  • The almost-daily media scrubs and rants will continue shortly. Until then, read this great article about the adventures of a Marine recon platoon in Iraq. Long but well worth it: [ Rolling Stone ] Thank God for Marines. It's good to be back.

    duct tape for peas sticker

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    July 13, 2003 _____

  • ducttapeforpeace.org is back after a three month hiatus.

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