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_____ Duct Tape For Peace Archives _____

Latest From: White House, State Dept., DoD, CentCom, and UN

April 10, 2003 _____

  • Summary of recent war events from Slate
  • As the war nears its end, Reagan Revolution Redux is in full swing. First there was Joe Kelly and the hard-hat riots. Then came the Reagan Revolution and the rise of social conservatism. Now, the Bush Jr. Revolution starts at the very same place. History is full of irony and lessons unlearned. [ More: CNN, Washington Post, and more about Joe Kelly ]
  • While the recent destruction of the statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad is likened to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the real story is that in a city of five million, a handful of thugs hardly represent the Iraqi people. [ More: Indy Media ]
  • Next on the agenda: Liberating Syria. And then any other nation that poses a threat to Israel. [ More: Washington Post]

    April 3, 2003 _____

  • Appropriate satire from an alert reader: "While there is a time to criticize, there is also a time to follow in complacent silence. And that time is now." [ Read the entire article: The Onion ]
  • The strain deepens, the crack widens. Not only are we losing friends left and right, we seem hell-bent on making everyone our enemy. Exactly HOW is this supposed to make us safer? [ More: Reuters and Washington Post]

    April 2, 2003 _____

  • Something wicked this way comes. If we're liberating Iraq, why doesn't it look that way, try as the network news might make it so? Where are the Iraqi hordes laying down their arms and welcoming "coalition" troops? And who will we "liberate" next? More and more, it's looking like Syria and Iran. [ Washington Post ]
  • Tonight, all across the nation, supporters of Howard Dean will participate in a "meetup". Howard Dean may be the first presidential candidate that gets my real vote, as opposed to an anti-vote. We'll see.

    March 31, 2003 _____

  • While the rifts within the administration deepen over a failing war plan, Powell and Rumsfeld lay the groundwork for the next phase of their new "National Security Strategy". [ Threats: CNN, Washington Post, and rifts over strategy: CNN, Guardian, New Yorker, Washington Post ]
  • Get the latest anti-war news with a global perspective: Guardian

    March 29, 2003 _____

  • Few weeks in ago, in a typical display of gross arrogant ignorance, the hawks predicted a short war in which the Iraqis would lay down their weapons and welcome Americans. The administration has since done a dramatic 180 on its estimates of the length, cost and toll of a real war. Go figure. "The enemy we're fighting is different from the one we'd war-gamed against," said General Wallace, commander of Army's V Corps. You mean we miscalculated our enemy? Sec. Rumsfeld, in the mean time, bent his thought towards Syria and Iran. Since when does any US secretary dictate foreign policy or military action? Hmm, since about 2000. [ Washington Post 1, Washington Post 2, New York Times, and CNN ]
  • On dissent from Slate and a few off-the-beaten-path web resources about the war in Iraq and anti-war in US also from Slate.
  • US forms its own UN--the US UN. :-)))) Thank God for the Onion.
  • On the lighter side, a cartoon from Working for Change.

    March 28, 2003 _____

  • Richard Perle, a key Bush security adviser and a consummate hawk, resigned from his post yesterday due to relentless conflict-of-interest allegations that still pale in comparison to Vice President Cheney's apparent conflicts of interest with defense contractor Halliburton. [ More: Washington Post ]
  • One of the best journals ever published, the New Yorker continues its superb in-depth coverage of the war with Iraq and the policies behind it. As the Senate pushes to investigate the forged documents linking Iraq to a non-existent nuclear program, the "coalition" intelligence community (CIA, MI6 and Mossad) is in full damage-control mode. Who Lied to Whom? by Seymour Hersh.
  • In New York City, hundreds staged an anti-war "die-in" yesterday with dozens arrested. SF Gate.
  • His mouth duct taped shut, Martin Sheen leads an anti-war prayer vigil in LA. [ Washington Post, More... ]
  • More anti-war demonstrations from around the globe in Time.
  • Today, wear a duct tape peace ribbon.

    March 26, 2003 _____

  • defines terrorism as "The systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion" where terror is also defined as "Violence (as bombing) committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands." How far is terrorism from our "shock and awe" campaign? You be the judge while our bombers continue to shock and awe the citizens of Iraq. [ Washington Post]
  • I remember when then Presidential Candidate Bush promised humility when dealing with other nations. "If we're an arrogant nation," he said, "they'll resent us. If we’re a humble nation but strong, they’ll welcome us. We’ve got to be humble yet project strength in a way that promotes freedom." [ More: New Yorker ]

    March 25, 2003 _____

  • It's pure and simple genius!!! The United Methodist Church duct tape TV campaign hits the airwaves. [ Read more: Igniting Ministry and news release ]

    View the duct tape for peace TV ad
    Download and view the ads: [ MPG (1.9 MB) or Quicktime (1.9 MB) ]

    March 24, 2003 _____

  • Is Salam Pax for real? You be the judge. [ Dear Raed ]

    March 23, 2003 _____

  • On dissent and supporting troops: A letter to the editor.
  • When Washington Post's Bob Woodward speaks, I listen. When did this war really begin and who's calling the shots? [ Washington Post ]
  • Anti-war protests gain steam around the US and the world. [ Guardian and Washington Post ]
  • Watch for actors wearing duct tape ribbons in protest of the war tonight during the Oscars. [ More: BBC, Independent, MSNBC and NY Post ]
  • Watch for anti-war TV ads that feature duct tape as a symbol of hope, not fear. [ Knoxville News ]

    March 22, 2003 _____

    What's wrong with this picture?

  • The "Shock and Awe" campaign continues to unleash one of the biggest displays of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the history of the world. The irony is historic. [ More: Washington Post ]
  • Turkey, in a unilateral pre-emptive move now internationally legalized by the US, entered Northern Iraq to circumvent a possible Kurdish uprise. As if permission was theirs to give, Americans had previously agreed to let Turkey "take care" of the Kurdish situation but withdrew the offer after the Turkish parliament voted down the use of Turkey as an American launching pad. Of course, the US is now demanding that Turkey stay out of Iraq but Turkey does not care what the US says or does--their responsibility, like the US, is to protect their interests. Unlike the Iraqi troops, the Turks are not likely to back down from a fight they believe is theirs to fight. Not only does this incursion present a dangerous risk of conflict between two NATO allies, the trend, if it continues, as it certainly will, will be the biggest threat to global peace. [ More: Guardian and Washington Post]
  • Opposing points of view often offer a glimpse into the nature of a conflict. Here are two opposing perspectives on the recent death of Rachel Corrie, a non-violent peace activist killed in Gaza. The differences of opinion are stark and deeply entrenched. The truth lies somewhere in between, far from the extremist views that dominate the Israel-Palestine conflict. [ Israel National News and E-Intifada ]
  • Dissent. I've been struggling with this for some time now but I'm curious how others, politicians or pundits excluded, feel. Is it possible to oppose a war and support the troops that are fighting the very war one opposes? Discuss here or send me an email. [ More on dissent: Washington Post and more on the global anti-war movement from Reuters and Guardian ]
  • On the lighter side, a number of actors are apparently planning on wearing duct tape ribbons in protest of the war on Oscar night. [ More: Independent and MSNBC ]

    March 19, 2003 _____

  • The war "officially" starts with a thud. [ Text of President Bush's speech, a list of the coalition of the misfits: Sun Times and Mirror, and a look at world protests from Washington Post, Guardian and Common Dreams. ]

    March 18, 2003 _____

  • In a carefully crafted speech, President Bush, once again, invoked the "fear factor" in tying Iraq to 9/11 and a non-existent nuclear program to justify a preemptive strike, and said a "broad coalition" will disarm Saddam. What broad coalition? Only a handful of governments agree with President Bush that a war is necessary now, and only British forces are lined up next to Americans. Even the Spaniards are absent. [ Washington Post ] President Bush may claim ambiguous legal authority, which UN Secretary General Kofi Annan clearly disputed, but he can not claim international political authority, much less moral authority, because there is simply no justification. [ Kofi Annan's reaction and Washington Post commentary on President Bush's "dubious accusations". ]
          In the meantime the TV networks are putting the finishing touches on what's being dubbed the "Ultimate Reality Show" complete with its own, professionally composed, "Showdown with Saddam" theme songs, "embedded" reporters, helmet cams, LAV cams, chopper cams, night vision, and all the latest technology to afford us a 24/7 multi-media front-row seat to witness the destruction of a sovereign people. And Tom Ridge has upgraded the terror alert from yellow back to orange. This may have some practical meaning to someone but I don't know who that is. What is it exactly we're supposed to be doing differently in a orange alert as opposed to a banana or a lemon alert? [ More: text of Pres. Bush's speech, Washington Post analysis, world reaction, French analysis, and more about the orange alert. ]
  • Read Howard Dean's statement on the war with Iraq. [ ]

    This Danish protestor in Copenhagen is just one of billions around the world who's not a part of President Bush's broad coalition.

    March 17, 2003 _____

  • "The first casualty when war comes is truth" said Senator Hiram Johnson. [ Common Dreams ] Although the war will officially begin this Thursday, the administration really began this war months ago when it abandoned reason, diplomacy, legality and morality. Questions that remain are how bad will the bombing campaign be (for the people of Iraq, not for Saddam), who will US attack after Iraq (alone this time--Tony Blair and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, if still in power then, will certainly not back us after Iraq), and how long will Colin Powell last? My guesses are: Bad (since 50% of the population of Iraq is under the age of fifteen), Iran (the other non-nuclear, and most importantly, Muslim nation in Bush's axis-of-evil trio) and soon (since President Bush will privately blame Powell for the failed diplomacy attempt and Powell is privately livid over Bush's stance).
  • So it begins. By declaring war on the people of the sovereign nation of Iraq, a people who've done nothing to deserve the certain death and destruction that await them, instead of taking action against its tyrannical ruler Saddam Hussein, America will not only usher in a new era of violence, hatred and terror aimed at all Americans, at home and around the world, for years to come, but, by our unjust and transparently self-serving warmongering, give license to regimes and tyrants around the globe to launch similar "preemptive" strikes against their neighbors, minorities and dissidents. This is a sad day indeed in the history of our nation.
         But there are still avenues for action, and protest is now crucial, at home and abroad. You have a choice. You can be a part of the "silent majority" and allow atrocities to be commited in your name, with your tax dollars, or you can make a stand. You can be manipulated and misled, or you can put irrational fear aside and protest. [ If you're in NC see NC Peace Hub and IndyMedia ] [ Nationwide: A.N.S.W.E.R., Cities for Peace, Democracy Now, End the War, Move On, Not in Our Name, Patriots for Peace, Peace Pledge, True Majority and United for Peace ]
  • Rachel Corrie, a 23 year old American peace activist, was killed over the weekend in Israel as she stood her ground between an Israeli bulldozer and a Palestinian home in a refuge camp in Rafah. Ten Palestinians, including a four year-old, were also killed. Don't look for mainstream press coverage. The few blurbs on major networks are quoting the Israeli officials in saying Rachel was a danger to herself and others. Duh. That's how southern "police" used to justify the killing and beating of activists during the civil rights movement. Had Corrie been killed in Iraq, she'd be an instant national hero, America would be outraged, and Baghdad would already be in flames. [ BBS, BBC, Guardian, Common Dreams, SF Gate, Working for Change and more about Rafah rafah.vze ]
  • Robin Cook, leader of the House of Commons, resigned today from Tony Blair's cabinet in protest of Blair's backing of a war on Iraq without a UN resolution. [ BBC ]

    March 14, 2003 _____

  • Few days ago President Bush said he wanted a vote. Now that it's obvious (wasn't it always?) the votes won't go his way, he doesn't. [ Washington Post ] And there's more talk of strife in the tightly closed ranks. [ The media wrap-up by Post's Howard Kurtz]
  • Americans are pouring good French wine down the drain. French fries and French toast, neither of which is French, have been renamed. And we're about to exhume American WWI and WWII veterans buried in France. Some senators have even blamed the French for the looming war. How absurd is that? I suppose we should stop French kissing, yank French horns out of orchestras, remove French/derivative words from the English language, and stop driving crappy French cars. Well, maybe a Peugeot-less commute wouldn't be so bad. But really, any psych-101 student will tell you that our strong reactionary response to the French betrays our own sense of frustration that someone else may be doing the right thing, even if, like us, it may be for the wrong reasons. At the other end of the spectrum, entire American towns (Carrboro, no less) are embracing the French. I don't know which is more absurd. [ More: IHT, UPI ]
  • Some duct tape humor by Barbara Sehr. [ Lifting the Fog ]
  • And some anti-war posters that are really anti-war, not anti-Bush. [ Posters for Peace ]

    March 13, 2003 _____

  • The FBI is investigating the forged documents US presented to UN, as proof of Iraq's nuclear program, to see if a certain "government is using a deception campaign to foster support for military action against Iraq." Who would do such a thing? Now let's see how good, or bad, our intelligence capability really is. [ MSNBC ]
  • Is you is, or is you ain't...? No one can accuse the current administration of being wishy-washy about its designs on the Middle East. New maps of the region are already drawn (With a marked absence of Kurds from what is now presently a Kurdish region--what exactly did we agree to let the Turks do?) and the Pentagon has begun accepting bids for the reconstruction of "shock-and-awed" back-to-the-stone-age Iraq. It gets better. The Congress found out about the rebuilding plans yesterday from the newspapers, as the executive branch had kept the plan under wraps. Well, sort of. And in a remarkable coincidence, one of the few exclusive companies allowed to bid is Vice President Cheney's Halliburton, who still has Dick on its payroll, and a substantial one at that. Has anyone seem him lately? [ Guardian ]
         The American interests in a war with Iraq may not be immediately clear, but it is abundantly clear that some Americans have interests. Other security council members, save France, should be as bold. What is their dog in this fight, anyway? More and more, that dog does not seem to be the moral high road. Regardless of whose side you're on, the moral high road remains elusive for all concerned. [ Read more: The security council roundup from Washington Post's Jefferson Morley and the coverage of the bidding wars to rebuild Iraq: BBC, Daily Telegraph and Independent ]
  • New York City becomes the latest city to adopt an anti-war resolution. [ More: CNN ]
  • Something doesn't seem quiet right about this site but, nevertheless, there are some intriguing reads here including the very scary, very secret, and yet to be passed Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003. [ Center for Public Integrity, and an analysis of the topic by a more familiar source, PBS ]
  • The beginning of the end or the end of the beginning? Either way, it's an endgame that'd make Beckett grin. Or grimace. [ Howard Fineman ]
  • A blast from the past--how the duct tape lunacy started. [ Dept. of Homeland Security duct tape FAQs ]

    March 12, 2003 _____

  • Another high-ranking diplomat, John Brown, resigned yesterday. In his letter to Secretary of State Colin Powell, Mr. Brown said "I cannot in good conscience support President Bush's war plans against Iraq. Throughout the globe the United States is becoming associated with the unjustified use of force. The president's disregard for views in other nations, borne out by his neglect of public diplomacy, is giving birth to an anti-American century..." [ More: CNN, IHT, Reuters ]
  • US Air Force demonstrates it has a sense of humor, or, at least, irony, by testing the biggest conventional WMD (weapon of mass destruction) ever deployed. The 21,000 pound bomb, code named "Mother of All Bombs", works by misting a "very large area" with a flammable substance before igniting it, thereby incinerating everything in the blast area. Let's hope this bomb does not "liberate" too many Iraquis. [ Read more: CNN ]
  • A couple of good articles in the Washington Post today. First, on the popularity of on-line anti-war efforts. [ Cindy Webb ] The second, an opinion piece on the looming war, methodology and the role of the press. [ Howard Kurtz ]

    March 11, 2003 _____

  • Right on cue, Iran's nuclear program appears on the radar and the media is more than willing to oblige, making this appear as if it's new news. With carefully orchestrated leaks and "discoveries" the hawks appear to be preparing their post-Iraq other-Muslim-countries-to-attack-while-we're-still-in-power list. The good news is that they'll have less than two years. The bad news is that the economy, healthcare, education and everything else Americans care about will also have to wait. [ More: CNN, Washington Post ]
  • The MoveOn petition bearing more than a million signatures was delivered to the UN Security Council yesterday. [ More: Herald Sun ]
  • As US criticizes other nations for weakening UN's influence by threatening to use their veto power in the UN Security Council, let's remember that US is one of the most frequent users of the veto. [ More: Guardian, Common Dreams ]
  • As the US administration gets increasingly desperate to make its case for war, watch for new "intelligence" reports or new "developments" to surface. There is no limit to what this administration will do to justify this war, including the unthinkable.

    March 8, 2003 _____

    I'm shocked!  Shocked!
  • It turns out that some key evidence US presented to UN about Iraq's nuclear ambitions were forged. Is the US intelligence fabricating evidence to support its claims? US officials, in a classic Casablanca maneuver, deny any wrong doing. Like Inspector Louis says in Casablanca, "I'm shocked! Shocked that illegal activity is going on here!" [ Read more: Guardian, Washington Post ]
  • Here are a couple of new websites to increase you awareness. As always, don't believe everything you hear or read, be doubly skeptical of things you agree with. [ and ]

    March 7, 2003 _____

  • Grim times lie ahead. How did it all start? It didn't start with 9/11. It started in 1996 with an idea for a new strategy in dealing with the "Arab problem". The idea found bloody life when Sharon came to power and gained force with the presidency of Bush, a staunch ally of Israel and enemy of the Arab world. The idea became what is now known as the "Bush-Sharon Doctrine". This doctrine knows no diplomacy, negotiation, tolerance, forgiveness, or peace. This is a doctrine of hatred, racism and violence carried to its ultimate end. With this doctrine, there are no winners--only the dead, and those left behind vowing revenge.
         It's apparent that we are now on the same course that Sharon-led Israel took years ago. We know where this course led Israel and Palestine. The once fledgling peace prospect is now a vague memory. More Israelis and Palestinians have been killed by terrorism in the last year than in the prior ten. Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the September 11 attacks. The effects of our relentless pursuit of war with Iraq, however, remain to be seen. We may be shocked at what lies ahead. But we should not be surprised. [ Read more: Arnaud de Borchgrave, Hal Crowther ]
  • March 8, 2003 is International Women's Day. Stand Up for Peace and Justice in Washington, DC and around the nation, March 7-9. [ Find out more: United for Peace ]
  • Yesterday the LA Times scooped the news that US intelligence agencies, by order of Condoleezza Rice, have been spying on UN Security Council members for information that may be used to "leverage" their favorable vote. My guess is, this was an intentional leak and there is no more spying going on than usual. The leverage comes from the leak itself, the potential of damaging information, not actual intelligence. [ Asian Times, The Guardian and The Observer ]

    March 6, 2003 _____
  • Quote of the day: "We have not seen such systematic distortion of intelligence, such systematic manipulation of the American people, since the war in Vietnam..." wrote John Brady Kiesling, a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Foreign Service in his letter of resignation to Secretary of State Colin Powell. [ Read the letter: Circulars, Common Dreams, and Standard Times. Try finding coverage of Kiesling's resignation on network news or your newspaper. ]

    March 5, 2003 _____
  • Students across the nation participate in the "Books Not Bombs" - National Student Strike. [ In the news: CNN, Post, more news... ]
  • Semi-nude protestors dressed in sheets and duct-tape hit the streets in Chapel Hill last night. This may appear juvenile and counter-productive, but what would you rather have your kids doing at this age? Crouched in a sand-bunker in a NBC suit poised to execute a dubious doctrine with certain death and destruction of an already ravaged populace? God bless them, every one. [ In the news: Daily Tar Heel, Herald Sun, MSNBC, and News & Intruder. See also Naked for Peace in S.F.,, and a counter-point at The Age]

    March 4, 2003 _____
  • Sign MoveOn's letter and petition to the UN Security Council to be delivered to the council on Thursday, March 6. [ Click here for more... ]
  • Here are tons of great pictures from Saturday's peace rally and march in Chapel Hill. Thanks Randy! [ Click here for pics. Takes a while to load but well worth it. ]
  • Readings of Lysistrata were held across the globe last night. Fortunately, we didn't go ;-) >
  • People keep asking me about T-shirts, bumper stickers and other "duct tape for peace" paraphernalia.  I don't have any. Get a roll of duct tape and make your own. It's silly to pay for a "duct tape anything" when you can just make it yourself. That's the whole point. However, I'm going to give this some more thought and see if it'd be feasible to offer validation souvenirs with proceeds going to charity. Afterall, "duct tape for peace" is now a part of history. I appreciate your suggestions.

    March 3, 2003 _____

    Chapel Hill March for Peace on March 2, 2003.  CLick for more pictures

  • Chapel Hill peace rally (3/2) in the news: [ Daily Tar Heel, Herald-Sun, N&O ] and some photos from the rally courtesy of
  • Tonight: The "first-ever world-wide theatrical event for peace" coming to a city near you. Don't miss this unique opportunity to stand up for peace in your community, and provide a humorous entree into a healthy dialogue about current affairs. Attend or help plan a reading of Lysistrata, Aristophanes' anti-war comedy, to protest the rush to war on Iraq. [ Lysistrata Project]
  • National Student Strike and Moratorium is scheduled for March 5. Click for more info. Staying home from school or work seems counter-productive to me but there it is.

    March 2, 2003 _____
  • Chapel Hill peace rally and march took place today. More later. If you were there, please share your comments or experiences in our forum. Photos are welcome.

    March 1, 2003 _____
  • If you live in the Triangle, join the "Chapel Hill Rally for Peace and Justice" starting at 1 PM on Sunday, 3/2/03 at McCorkle Place on UNC-Chapel Hill's campus. Following the rally, a march is scheduled to begin at 2 PM from Franklin St. to Weaver Street Market in Carrboro.
  • This site is now solely dedicated to stopping the current administration's fervent pursuit of an unjustified war with Iraq. Enough is enough. Find out what you can do today.

    February 27, 2003 _____
  • Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge downgrades national terror alert from Duct Tape to Masking Tape
    [ CNN | Dept. of Homeland Security | Chicago Tribune | More coverage... ]
  • "Virtual March on Washington" took place on Wednesday, February 26, 2003. I called President Bush and Senators Edwards and Dole, again. More about the Virtual March in the news:
    [ BBC | CNN | MSNBC | | Time | Washington Post | Latest News... ]
  • The "Duct Tape Awards" has moved. Click here for the Duct Tape Awards. What are Duct Tape Awards? Click here to find out more

    February 26, 2003 _____
  • How it all started. My letter to the editor of Chapel Hill News urging people to send rolls of duct tape to the White House in protest. (Search for "new peace campaign")

    February 23, 2003 _____
  • Duke Medical Center awarded the Duct Tape Travesty Award: Read more...

    February 22, 2003 _____
  • Duct Tape For Peace website officially launched.

    Thanks to Erik Nygren for the peace ribbon idea and pics


    Roll tape!
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