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_____ Moans, Groans and Gripes _____

It turns out that the "Silent Majority" is not so silent after all. One of our readers quips "I love the smell of liberation in the morning", a play on words from the movie Apocalypse Now. Liberation my foot. I'll take the sound of dissent over the smell of so-called liberation any day. Posted below are some select comments from you, our readers, most of whom, to put it mildly, don't agree with me. Like Mark Twain, I'm suspicious of anyone who *does* agree with me so I haven't posted the letters from those offering encouragement or solidarity because, well, even though I appreciate kind words, what's the fun in restating the obvious? Keep the letters coming. All comments are appreciated, and if you want a reply, include your email.

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What some of you think about Duct Tape For Peace:

I pray for your immediate committment to a psychiatric institution--you are delusional at best and dangerous at worst...

You Make Me SICK... Every time I read muck like you have on your web page, I question a little more whether or not I was correct that night lying on my back in a cold wet Korean field when I convinced myself that I was there for people like you to be able to spread your manure! [ Name withheld ]

Why do you so vehemently hate my son? If it weren't for him & others like him, you could not even have these websites. I won't insult your intelligence by telling you how blessed you are to be Americans & not Iraqis-- you SHOULD already know that. However, I truly am having difficulty discerning why you do what you do. I'm not sure if you are incredibly naive, completely stupid or just traitorous. Do ANY of you have a better explanation? Please-- if you do, enlighten me. In the meantime, I will pray for God's mercy on your souls & America's mercy on your freedom. In all true sincerity - [Name withheld] Winfield, Alabama

What a pathetic web site! All I needed to see was Nelson "The Black Scumbag" Mandela and Jimmah "The Worst President Ever" Carter on your site and I knew right off the bat you people are just a bunch of America hating turds! Don't you losers realize that conservatism is sweeping America now more than ever before. Your ilk are the ones to blame for this shift because of your constant attacks on my President during a time of war. The only allies you have left are the homos in san francisco and the perverts in hollyweird. You no longer matter to the increasingly vast majority of the American people. Go away already, jeezuz h!

I think you all are idiots.Do you not realize that everyone over there is fighting for you? They wouldn't be doing this, if we had taken some action BEFORE 3000 people died. I think you guys need to rethink your view points because you guys are being very stupid. Okay reguardless, you don't want war, do you support the troops? I do, but I also know someone who was killed. I know that he died for a cause, and I love him even more for that. Rethink yourselves, because you all need help.

Obsolete! I guess the drivel on your website is now becoming rapidly obsolete due to the joyous liberation of the Iraqi people from the tyrants that are okay with you. I love the smell of Liberation in the Morning . . . . .

You are the standard issue fully "feel-good", leftist, socialist, pathetic anti rebublican that it sounds like... I have only one further question... Did you (or Martin Sheen, Mike Farrel or the rest of the anti Bush people ) complain about the deceptions when Clinton bombed Iraq, said there were WMD's or just lied to us in general??? I doubt it.. What about Kosovo, Somolia, HAITI???????? Oh yes, I can see you are truly fair and unbiased.... Do you hear that?? It is the sound of the universe laughing. Have a wonderful day... There are planes leaving every day... Bye bye.

I think that your organization has done one thing that is absolutely great. I saw a picture of the great anti-American luminary, Martin Sheen wearing a piece of your duct tape over his mouth. I would hope that you could get Robin Williams, Cher, Alec Baldwin and the other great Americans to wear the same thing on their mouths.

Please Ask Yourself..... Ask yourself - "Why did 9.11 happen?" The answer? Because THREATS of terrorism against our country were not taken seriously intern leaving us vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Now, we Americans [that's you and me], can do 1 of 2 things: 1. Be supportive of our President and his Administration on their quest to be PROACTIVE and root out the terrorist threats against OUR [that's you and me] country. -OR- 2. Sit back and do nothing, thus waiting for another 9.11 to happen, at which time the liberal left will blame GWB and his Administration because they would have "allowed" it to happen. Hmmm......I don't know about you, but I choose #1. It is known that Sadaam hates the United States. He kicked UN weapons inspectors out of his country in 1998. It is known that he has tortured and killed his own people. It is known that he has used chemical weapons to kill his own people. It is known that his "idol" is Joseph Stalin. It is known that he spent tens of billions of dollars building a nuclear bomb just for the United States and Israel. However, the bomb was so large that there was no way to deliver it. His lead nuclear scientist who has since defected from Iraq has confirmed this:

It's time for you all to face the facts and support OUR [that's me and you] country and the leaders of OUR country. Quit holding on to the fact that you all are still upset that GWB won the Presidency over Al Gore in 2000, so to get back at him you're going to divide our country in a time of war. My God, it was 3 years ago! Let go of it already! Now is not the time for YOU to play partisan politics. Thank you for your time. [Name withheld]

Whoever made this site needs to duct tape their mouth. WE have men dieing so you can produce a duct tape web site. Have you forgotten Sep, 11? We live in the land of the free because of the brave, if you don't like it or our president.. LEAVE

I truly am sorry that you can't figure out that this war is "legal" as you put it (even though it is obvious to the world that it is moral). You obviously haven't followed the precedent of law related to military conflict. As a minor point UN Resolution 1441 contained within it the declaration that Iraq was in "material breach" and that unless it was remedied it would result in "serious consequences." You can't make the argument that serious consequences are a continuation of sanctions since they had been in place 12 years. Further this 1441 stuff is irrelevant anyway since the original ARMISTICE (Persian gulf I) called for certain requirements to grant a CEASEFIRE that were not adhered to by IRAQ (it was not a peace treaty). The obvious implication of the violation of any ceasefire is the resumption of hostilities that stand on the legal authority of the prior action. Further in both Persian Gulf I and II the US Congress gave the authority to BUSH 41 & 43 for the action they took. The supreme court has long sense determined that there is not prescription for exact wording as to the power of Congress to declare war, and therefore the act of their authorizing the President to pursue war is in fact meeting the requirements of the Constitution (ipso facto). I know the French, Russians, Chinese, Germans, and Syrians-all our traditional enemies in one form or the other) would like to re-interpret the UN action to their favor, but the can't change the language now, just because it doesn't server there own BUSINESS INTEREST for Saddam to go. These are the countries that enabled Saddam from having to comply with the 1991 Armistice or UN 1441. If they had not done so we MAY have been able to resolve it without war. BY THE WAY. .. It is today being announced that there are buildings in Baghdad that are so hot radioactively that they can't be entered by unprotected humans.....hummmmmmmmm. It is time to shake off you prejudice and see what the reality of the world is. Your rhetoric does not square with the true geopolitical situation, statutory and precedental law, nor the moral imperative to stop true evil. This is not only eminently legal, it is moral. Dig deep and try and ascertain what is right here without the sloganeering (inaccurate as it is) about matters that confuse and not clarify.

GET WITH IT PEOPLE... if you dont like this country and it's policies send me an email and ill buy you a one way ticket to Baghdad. That way you can share your plight with your soulmates. It wasnt so long ago (WWI and WWII) that young men were lying about their age so they could JOIN the war effort. If it wasnt for those brave souls in our armed forces willing to die for this country we would all be speaking German, our national anthem would be "God Bless the Black, Yellow and Red" and we would all be eating choucrute for Thanksgiving. If you dont like this country get out and join your kindred spirits so you can all share your FEELINGS while you are sitting kneedeep in desert dust with no running water and NO CIVIL OR PERSONAL rights.

You have nothing to say that I want to hear.

You bastards have a very small roll where it counts don't you? Do you feel better about yourself when you dis the troops and those in command of them? Do you have any self respect? I agree with just about everyone else on this reply board in saying that your deportation would make AMERICA a much better place to live. You people @ need to have your head examined. Either that, or you can go live in france, the NEW pussy germany, or the middle east. If the president was so stupid, he wouldn't be president. His stupidity is a common misconception portrayed by the liberal media and is only digested by the ignorant masses(of which you belong). People like you are the reason this war may turn out to be another Vietnam. Do you really think GORE would have gone to war after 9/11? The freedom of speech(what you happen to be demonstrating with youthful abandon) doesn't come FREE. Youre not the one who's paying the bill in blood. SO PUT UP OR!
SHUT UP!(actually...just shut up)..



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